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Endowed I.F. Stone Awards

Awards, Degrees And Appointments Provided To I.F. Stone

American University
Brown University
Colby University
New School for Social Research
Reed College
University of Pennsylvania (doctorate)
University of Pennsylvania (baccalaureate degree awarded 50 years after he left the
                                  University to work as a journalist)

Newspaper Guild of New York Honors Page One Must for “Underground to Palestine” awarded in 1947
The Eleanor Roosevelt Award
The George Polk Award of Long Island University

American Library Association Intellectual Freedom Award
John's Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Award
Lifetime Achievement Award from Haddonfield High School (I.F. Stone's high school)
A.J. Liebling Award for Journalistic Distinction
Columbia University Journalism Award
National Press Club Journalists' Journalist Award
ACLU Award
The First Amendment Defender Award of the Catholic Univ. Law School
The Florina Lasker Civil Liberties Award from NY Civil Liberties Union
The Le Prix Charles-Leopold of the Mayer Institut de France 11/77
The Sidney Hillman Foundation Award
The Professional Freedom and Responsibility Award of the Association for Education In Journalism & Mass Communications

Lecturer at Harvard University in a letter of 5/16/78.
Honorary Fellow of The Institute for Policy Studies
Fellow of the Society of Professional Journalists